When in Milano

The trip to Milan(o) went just the way we've pictured it with Anet and Lou. Sun, shopping, good food and drinks. We didn't really plan ahead, didn't have any tourist expectations or must-sees. All we wanted was to relax, in a good company. And it played out just well. The sun was perhaps a little too intense, the shopping was not as big as expected (I blame Céline for not having bracelets sized for tiny hands), but boy, did we have a LOT of spritzs & appetizers! And a lot of the typical girls' chatter too.

The city itself, on the other hand, was rather a disappointment to me. I've never been to Milan(o) before, and I've heard about it as "good for shopping purposes only" from the citizens themselves, but I still expected one the world's fashion dominant to have a little more of the dolce vita to it and an atmosphere that drags you in, just like most of the other Italian cities do. It didn't, unfortunately. So next time, I'll move my trip with the bel far niente essence to Lago di Garda instead. Girls, what do you say?

Výlet do Milána proběhl vlastně tak, jak jsme si ho s Anet a Lou představovaly. Sluníčko, nákupy, dobré jídlo a pití. Nic jsme dopředu neplánovaly, turistickému mapičkování jsme se chtěly vyhnout. Vlastně jsme chtěly jen relax s dobrou společností. A to nám skvěle vyšlo. Sluníčko bylo, možná až moc, nákupy také a kupodivu ne tolik (bohužel Céline náramky opravdu nejsou myšlené pro malé ruce), ale toho Aperolu a chuťovek s výhledem co jsme měly! A k tomu klasické ženské celodenní povídání a drby, a máte tip ťop dámskou jízdu, jen to hvízdne.

Co pro mě naopak bylo zklamáním, bylo samotné Miláno. Nikdy předtím jsem v něm nebyla, a i přes to, že i od Italů jsem zaslechla, že jde spíš o město "vhodné na nákupy", ale stejně jsem od něj čekala trochu z té typické italské dolce vita atmosféry, která vás vtáhne. To se bohužel nestalo, město na nás chvílemi působilo až nudně a, až na skupinky turistů, vyhynule. To příjemné bel far niente tedy příště raději přesunu o kousek dál, na Lago di Garda a do Milána skočím jen na ty nákupy a večerní aperitiv. Co vy na to, holky?

Been there, loved it

Terazza Aperol, Piazza Duomo / Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (2nd floor), Milano

Spritz with a view of Duomo alongside with delicious tapas, that keep going and going. Totally recommended!

FRANK, Via Lecco 1, Milano

The perfect aperitivo bar with glam interior and atmosphere, serving delicious shellfish.

Corso Como 10, Corso Como 10, Milano

I don't think I need to introduce this - Corso Como, spot with a gallery, café, restaurant, book shop, concept store and a gorgeous terrace on top (literally). I could easily spend my three days over there and wouldn't get enough of it. Also, it's located in a modern surrounding which is nice to walk through aswell.

California bakery, Via Larga 19, Milano

Cozy interior and nice staff, go there if you want a good café or delicious pastries. Or if you'd want to bump into Richie (yeah, I know you know who I mean).

D-Magazine outlet, Via Bigli 4, Milano

There are several of these throughout Milan, but I liked the selection in this one the most. It's not as big as the one on Via Manzoni, however the pieces are organized more neatly and there are not as many people.

Next time I want to see

Antonioli, Via P. Paoli 1, Milano

Concept store featuring a bit darker selection from favourites such as Wang, Givenchy, McQueen, Christopher Kane, Balmain or Yvonne Kone and Neil Barrett for example. They also have an e-shop.

Il Salvagente, Via Fratelli Bronzetti 16, Milano

Another of Milano's great outlets.

Abbottega, Via Ludovico Muratori 11, Milano

Restaurant and a shop with selection of great Italian salami and hams.

Armani lounge, Via Manzoni 31, Milano

We've walked past the Armani hotel so many times during our stay and I can't help but wonder, how impressive the lounge & café must be.



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